Isostatic fine grain graphite

Isostatically pressed graphite is manufactured by our compress Isostatic process (CIP).  One of the advantages for this method of production is to form a solid & directional properties which improves not only strength, but also gives excellent thermal & corrosion resistance. For this line of product please refer to .


Molded pressed graphite (CM)

 Our molded graphite line offer wider range of properties in its mechanical strength, friction, density, hardness and conductivity. With specific impregnation such properties can be improved and reinforced for better performance.  We can also cater to produce customized product in accordance to your design/drawingsFor this line of products please refer to

Extruded & vibration molded graphite (CV)                   

Our CV-line covers both extruded and vibration pressed qualities.  The extruded & vibration pressed graphite do not poses the same strength properties of Isostatically pressed ones. However they offer higher thermal and conductivity.  The CV line is geared more for casting processes, exhaust systems and for the carbide industry.  We can also cater to produce customized product in accordance to your design/drawings. For this line of products please refer to


Unlike ceramic products our c/c line of products are highly heat and thermal shock resistant. Our c/c products are used in the solar and semiconductor industry, as oven racks for vacuum and industry furnaces, as cc heating elements for thermal applications, as carrier plates for CVD coating plants as well as screws, nuts and bolts for thermal and mechanical applications. For manufacturing of c/c products like charging system, carrier plates please contact us with your specifications.

Graphite Powder Flakes (CPF)

For this line of products please refer to CPF graphite powder Flakes. Our graphite powder flakes are precisely processed so it can be used in industry wide applications free from impurities, negligible moisture content with Size :(-50 mesh Size) up to (-100 mesh size).

Natural Graphite Powder (CPN)

For this line of products please refer to CPN natural graphite powder. Our blend of natural graphite comes with proven track record. It is used in refectories, gaskets, electric brushes, brake lining, lubrication etc. and features purity, good conductor of heat & high lubrication.


Impregnation of C/C Materials and Graphite. We offer wide spectrum of impregnation and coating techniques for specific applications in order to improve durability and service life. Fiber composites materials such as (c/c) and graphite can also be coated for certain applications such as silicon-carbide, yttrium-stabilized zirconium oxide or alumina. 

Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you so we can provide the best solution for your future needs.